Thursday, 4 October 2018

Margate shoots itself in car park foot, a few old local photos ramble, same old really

 This photo is Grange Road Ramsgate I would guess around 1900

One of the car parks we often use when visiting Margate is the Morrison's one, I think it it is called College Road. I think it was once council owned, not sure if it is now, possibly a disposed asset, this is a fairly cheap car park, often free as the business of stealing or attempting to steal the money out of the parking machines that often none of them work.

Free today so pretty much full,

Although for some inexplicable reason about a third of it is now cadged off

and so basically empty. I also has one of those devices that make a high pitched sound that only the young are supposed to be able to be able to hear, in practice though everyone can hear it.  Parking is always free if you go by the Winter Gardens along the promenade, first left up the hill past Turner Contemporary, although not advised when windy as the waves splash over top.

 We had a quick browse of the new vinyl record shop and bar. I have been buying vinyl records for about 50 years and I am afraid to confess that when the cd came along I was unable to deal with the remote control to the cd player, so I have rather a lot anyway.

We went to the bookshops in Herne Bay and Margate today, bought a few books for the bookshop here in Ramsgate and a few for ourselves.

 Tea at Turner Contemporary Art Gallery but not enough time to paint or look at art

Every time I go to Margate it is obviously moving forward and improving, where this sits with turning part of one of the main town centre car parks into an unusable void is a bit beyond me.

Camera wise I have gone back to the Canon Powershot S3 IS for a bit,

here is the link to today's photos, not many as I didn't have much time. The ones above were all taken with my phone. The S3 IS is a bit of a digital antique from 2006, it has issues, does things that annoy me, is a bit slow as it writes directly to the SD card, it has a tendency to try to focus to infinity and beyond, the viewfinder is pretty dreadful. All that said it is one of my favourite pocket cameras 

Bookshop wise this week has had a lot of local history customers, we have been busier than expected

here is the link to the books we put out yesterday, but I was back and forward topping up local books that didn't get photographed, sorry about that.

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