Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Parking removal improvements at Ramsgate and an intensification of the vaping industry

 Having decided that taking photos of random old local photos for the blog with my mobile phone was letting the side down, on the quality front although not necessarily the width, I delved my computers for image files and became intrigued by this one, entitled :- Seafront parking removal improvements
 I think this was Thanet District Council's labour group working with the heritage lottery fund to halt tourism here in Ramsgate.
 I particularly like the idea of replacing amusements with parking, with shops without parking, adjacent to the main sands. A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

I am not sure what the impact of removing nearly 100 free parking spaces from the vicinity of the main sands was or if heritage lottery funding could have been used more effectively to damage Ramsgate's tourist economy.

Obviously for someone with business interests in Margate there could be short term benefits especially as there is free council owned parking adjacent to Margate beach. I don't really think the business of being governed from our main rival towns, Sandwich from the middle ages to the late 1800s and by Margate from the 1970s has helped Ramsgate, and I don't really see any solution.
It is  Ramsgate governed by Ramsgate Municipal Borough Council, between 1884 and 1974 which seems to cover it's most prosperous period.

 Spencer Square Ramsgate 1908
 St Augustine Hotel and Viking Ship Restaurant

St Augustine's Church Ramsgate pm 1908

Work wise here at Michael's bookshop in Ramsgate

this is the links to books that went out today

On to the vape shops. I may be mistaken here but I thought vaping was on the decline, the days of finding oneself in a vaporous fog seem mostly over and conventional smoking seems very much reduced.

Strangely Ramsgate seems about to get a vaping quarter with two new vaping shops withing a stones throw of an existing one.

I suppose that as a shopkeeper I am becoming increasingly mystified by the progression in town centre retail, in all honesty given the combined Ramsgate High Street, rent, rates and staffing costs I would be hard pressed to think of a product that one could sell there.

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