Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Cannon's Brewery Ramsgate photos and some photos from today

 I think Cannons Brewery in Ramsgate was bought by Tomson & Wotton Brewery in 1876 and closed around 1920 link to source
 These three pictures came my way ten years ago and I did a blog post about them then, here is the text of it.

"3 old Ramsgate pictures today sent by a customer, the gist of what she says about them is:

The brewery is I believe Cannons?

My grandfather Fredrick Rogers 6th from the left back row was a drayman delivering to T & W pubs, used to have to go in every day including Christmas day to care for the horses, lived close by with his family. Group photo enclosed, Nilce? Fredrick, Alice Florence my mother. Front Fredrick and Mary his wife.

Rogers son Fredrick was a detective sergeant in the Ramsgate police whose son was in the RAF WW2 and managed Littlewoods post war.

The street scene is Lord Mayors Day 1910. Sincerely Mary Hughes.

The handwriting was not easy to decipher, but I have done my best.
 Work wise this is the link to the pictures of the books we put out today in the bookshop
 Debenhams still seem to be in trouble with store closures coming up which is of some concern locally with their presence Westwood Cross, Canterbury and Folkestone, there could be some serious impacts. Clothes shopping isn't something that I understand well, Grace Bothers clones with 70s school dinners cafe's is something I can sort of identify with and guess there is a tendency for big stores to go that way.

Ramsgate's department store closed years ago
 Ten years ago the rebuild of Ramsgate Library was nearing completion
that is after the fire which gutted it.
 Only another week until November although it doesn't seem like it today.

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  1. TV BOND~ You old timer ~ and theirs tunnels under the school yard, did you know. don't ban me~ I am the ghost of masons past.


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