Thursday, 18 October 2018

Shopping, Whitstable and Thanet

I guess in a way we have become the victims of bigger and bigger businesses and their various strategies to take our money from us. I think there seems to be something happening in Whitstable where there is a sort of fighting back and winning.

Quite a few of the shops that are selling tangible seem to be working out, especially clothes shops.

The old picture today are Margate and Ramsgate shops around 1905 from various books in the bookshop.

 Although today involved a fair bit of book buying

I did buy Beggars Banquet on CD for the car, this is one of my favourite albums  produced by the Rolling Stones the secondhand CD I bought today cost £5.99, I have had a few bad experiences with cheap online purchases recently, so I tend to use shops or buy new online which would have been about twelve quid.

This album came out when I was a teenager and back then was very expensive, all the decent albums were - around a weeks rent for a flat I would think. The dubious ways I managed to it acquire a 10 x 10 Leak amplifier, Goodmans speakers which we still use in the kitchen and Garrard SP 25 MK2 transcription deck, best not go there.

The books we put out in the bookshop yesterday, an eclectic batch, pictures of them now on the bookshop blog

this is the link to them

Today's photos mostly Whitstable

this is the link to them

I was fairly pleased with the stripy cat

lunch for the two of us £16.10

Bacon sarnis and pot of tea for 2 in Coastal Kitchen

Watercolour sketch over lunch from table in the window of cafe

 Photo from same spot for any aspiring critics.

To be honest in the whole of east Kent it is very difficult to get lunch at a table that there is something sketchable from.

Anyway time ran out, Oxford Street books beckoned

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