Monday, 8 October 2018

Pier over the Jetty

 Ramsgate had 3 piers, the East Pier or Stone Pier
 The Pier, hit by a torpedo, removed by the council, struck by a steamer, demolished to make way for the sea, some people will believe anything, and I'm a believer. 
 The West Pier which was once mostly wood
 So what were piers built for?
 and how would you date this photo?
 Build a pier in 2 easy lessons and one really hard one
from This position you can steer the Pav towards the West Pier ta pocketa ta pocketa
whoops I Mitty'd

Margate has a pier but also had a jetty

 Until it was destroyed in 1978

well now Maragte has a new FaceBook group called "Memories of Margate Jetty (1855-1978)" which you may wish to join.

this is the link to it 

The life of a bookseller can be very demanding we priced some books today, took photos of them, and put them out for people to buy in the bookshop

this is the link to those photos

I went for a walk in Ramsgate Yesterday and took some photos

This is the link to those photos

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