Monday 29 October 2018

Old pictures of Ramsgate and Margate Harbour and something

Of all the questions in the bookshop, this is the second time too. "Hello Michael, I've been told you buy meat." and "Do you want to buy some meat." What can you say? Do people buy and sell meat door to door? Is it dodgy?

One aspect of having a predominantly secondhand bookshop is that, unlike most other shops, we not only sell things but buy them too. This is almost entirely books, however I do buy old local pictures particularly of Ramsgate too and thinking about this we buy maps too.

I am half expecting someone to open a coat full of watches, actually I don't suppose people use watches anymore, apart from someone without a smartphone and they must be getting a bit thin on the ground.

Essentially the message is always that I want to buy good quality books. The question, what are good quality books? Is a little difficult to answer, but something along the lines of the books owned by people who frequent good quality bookshops.

I suppose keeping an eye on our bookshop blog where we put photos of the books we price on any given day may help.

here is the link to today's

On the personal front my alma mater is giving me a bit of trouble at the moment, this means I don't have much time for coherent writing on other matters, there is a plus side to this which is that I think while a lot of people look at the pictures I put up here I don't think many read the writing.

Finally if you do have books you want to sell to me, the easy one is to send me photos of the spines of the books
like this

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