Saturday, 13 October 2018

King Street Ramsgate photos

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Shopping in shops is a funny business

There are still shops in King Street that you may not find elsewhere.

Yesterday I visited TJ's Treasures at 61 with a view to early Christmas shopping

Of course there is the bookshop
Here in the bookshop as I contemplate a somewhat maladjusted computer and consider writing this blog post

The question of taking photos of the inside arises like the square root of minus 1 however there is more than one way of photographing the view from my workstation 

Which is something like this

Out and therefore about this is a link to those pictures

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  1. You deserve a proper old hug for this one you old hippy.One proper shot~ and suddenly we are exposed to the drapers from the film "THE TIME MACHINE" (HG Wells) S*** look around you. As you do. Weep with me. (Solomon VII).


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