Friday, 13 July 2018

Margate Royal School for the Deaf photos, Tinnitus and headphones, the inevitable Ramsgate photos old an new

 This one went from asylum
 to royal asylum

 to royal school and finally the Quality Care Commission deaf sentence - frankly not such a good outcome for some of the disabled children and young adults there who subsequently had nowhere to go. 

Friday afternoon at the Royal Victoria Pavilion Ramsgate aka Wetherspoons, as sometimes happens I arrived without the right stuff. The sketch I was doing from the only seat vacant where I had one in progress was the only one I had left behind. Worse than this I had left my inflatable cushion behind, this means sitting here on a metal seat for over an hour is out of the question. Oh well I guess worse things happen on Friday 13th and being of a moderately superstitious nature I an taking this as an omen and writing the blog instead.

On the personal front I have tinnitus which is aggravated by some sounds and I have been experimenting with active sound cancelling headphones. Last time I posted about this on the blog and linked the post to different Facebook groups there was a fair amount of comment and interest.

To be honest I think this is mostly an age thing although in my case it wasn't.

Over the past year or so I bought a variety of active sound cancelling headphones, mostly what I can only describe as on ear, although I got one set of in ear ones that made the tinnitus worse.

Eventually I bit the bullet and bought a pair of over ear (covers the whole ear) Bose ones, (expensive) when used in some ways and in some environments these reduce or prevent much of my tinnitus. It’s a bit complicated as amplified sound and total silence, are some of the things that can make it worse.
Anyway the other day I bought a pair of the Bose in ear ones (also expensive) and am finding them every bit as useful in combating the tinnitus as the over ear ones.

I think the main aspect is that they can make one sound, radio, music file etc relatively much louder than all of the other background sounds and all at a very low overall volume.

Links next

The photos from my camera's SD card including the ones where miss the planes that flew over Ramsgate today altogether here is the link

Work, advertising, wosisname here is the link

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