Sunday, 1 July 2018

Ramsgate Canterbury comparisons, painting - photos - old Margate shops

In Canterbury today, which is much hotter than Ramsgate, so sitting under the air con in Chocolate cafe painting more of the view, writing the text of the blog, (so some now is then). I would say it’s probably the hottest day of the year so far.

My Canterbury Watercolour painting in progress from downstairs there is a bit of a spot the difference, part done from the table just outside the window and part from the table just inside, so a few parallax issues. 

I am using gold coloured watercolour for painting on the sign of Creams Cafe I have mixed feelings about this one as if the areas of gold were larger, then it would be the gold coloured reflection and not the gold colour I would try to paint.

In terms of comparison now, well there isn't much to choose between painting out and about in Canterbury or Ramsgate. the architectural view is in the same league, mediaeval, renascence, wosisname, eighteenth century buildings in Canterbury against eighteenth century Georgian Victorian and Regency in Ramsgate. The cathedral and harbour the main additions.

The bottom line here is cafe facilities with the view and other aspects like shade, temperature, atmosphere play an important part for me.

I'm in Waterstones at the moment, my intention being to browse the art books. The problem is that about half the books I want to look at are shrink wrapped, I can only infer that the message here is that I might as well but then online, where I would at least be likely to get some idea of what's inside them - a few sample pages, who knows?

Another non-food Canterbury shop gone, a very worrying trend as very little good and non-food replaces them.

I am still building up to buying another bridge camera
Optical viewfinder, better zoom than my Nikon P90 are essentials.
Writing to internal storage, producing image files small enough to put on the internet, fitting in my pocket, well it’s a tricky one.

Digital cameras can be a bit glitchy and in some ways I would rather spend more and buy it from a shop, in case it goes wrong, but we come back to the shop staff and the management understanding digital cameras.

Jessops in Canterbury were a bit like Waterstones with the shrink-wrapped books, what I wanted to do was to put my own memory card in to a variety of cameras, point them all at something a long way away and look at the results, comparing with my existing camera – the idea being to buy the best camera for the job. This proved to be impossible, in most cases the security lump was stuck to the camera in a way that meant you couldn't get a memory card in. Laughable really I think the idea is that you spend anything up to £1500 on a specialist long distance zoom camera without being able to point the camera at anything a long way away.

I am minded of going to the butchers to buy a tender and tasty steak, only to find not only are all the butchers in the shop vegetarians, but the management are mostly vegans.  

The job being producing photos that are difficult to produce with the camera in smartphone, not many camera photos today here is the link 

Bookshop wise here is the link to the books that went out yesterday 

Historic picture wise it's Margate shops today

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