Monday, 2 July 2018

Ramsgate and Margate old pictures and some pictures of the progress on Ramsgate Harbour lock gates

 Ramsgate Sands Station useful as dated 1913 just before WW1 note the tracks on the right going into the tunnel and the ones in the foreground going to the sidings where the car park is now
 top of Jacobs Ladder taken ‎23 ‎August ‎2017, ‏‎20:34:17 note the masonry at the top, being repaired now.
 Mitre gates in
 Leaking more than I expected
 I expect the fine tuning sledgehammer will be applied

 back to last year again
 Is this the Margate Tivoli

Last year again

sne of those days today at work, the credit card machine went wrong, Monday morning technology, we managed to fix it by lunchtime, so apologies to the bookshop customers who had to go off and find a cash machine.

Most of the problem here relates to a mixture of customer security and keeping the prices down, back in the day paper credit card vouchers impressed using the raised digits on the plastic card, mixed with trust and the logistics, meant these things were much less of an issue.

When the first credit cards were introduced I think I was working part time for a bookseller called S.P.C.K. or this may be anecdotal from working for them at a later date. Anyway S.P.C.K. were the main booksellers to The Church of England - supplying candles, communion wine, hymn books and even vestments.

This meant that most churches bought things from them on credit and I don't think some of them had ever actually paid their bill since 1698 when S.P.C.K. was founded. Part of the deal setting up Barclay Card was the all these churches accounts were transferred to Barclay Card accounts.

The vicars who then had to pay off these old accounts or face the punitive rates of interest were some of the most demanding customers for the shop assistant.

Sorry I digress, eventually we got it sorted (both our card reader today and the angry vicars of the 1960s) think learnt a lot of things we didn't really want to know.

Work wise we have been working on the part of the bookshops website that shows pictures of the books on the shelves this is the link to it  this is partly so I know what we haven't got when I am out buying, as far as I know we are the only bookshop in the world that does this and also puts up photos of the books we put out on the shelves this is the link to that   

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