Thursday, 12 July 2018

Old Ramsgate Margate pictures, day out including Ashford Designer outlet, a bit more Pleasurama info

This picture of Ramsgate by Henry Moses is 1817,

note the changes from this one from around 1790, I would think mostly related to building grand rental houses for gentlemen training as officers for the Napoleonic wars.

This one is painting the railings in Margate.

I was in Dover today and the museum with the bronze age boat is free entry at the moment, if you are interested in the history of boat building then actually viewing this as a real item is very helpful.

 On to Ashford Outlet
undergoing expansion

The youf of today say prices there compete with the internet

The shop units are fairly small and we had to pay for parking £1 for four hours

Aspects of this may point some sort of future for non-food retail, route about an hour either way, we went the Dover Folkestone M20 way.

A viable proposition for a day out from Thanet with the car, we stopped off in Folkestone after everyone had had enough.

On to non food retail here in Ramsgate, here is the link to the pictures of the books that went out yesterday  

Interesting comment on my post linked to facebook group The Friends Of Ramsgate Seafront, about Pleasurama by, John Davis "I can shed some light on the situation, having spoken to Jeremy Godden when he was down there a couple of days ago and confirmed that he is responsible for this temporary arrangement, apparently renting the land from the people who now own it. The funfair rides (more are due to arrive) are planned to be on there for about eight weeks, opening at the end of July, following full safety checks on both the ground and rides by the HSE. Once the rides are all in place there will be a top dressing of pebbles/gravel applied. The hoardings to the beach side of the funfair are to be taken down, with Heras fencing put up each night for security. The ride operators are the same guys who have set up along the road there for the August Bank Holiday over the last couple of years. There is, of course, a bittersweet irony, given the history of the last twenty years on the site, but at least this is a step, albeit small, towards something happening down there. This in no way justifies or exonerates those responsible for the unlawful disposal of our public land, but at least this will be a temporary improvement and the rides have been extremely popular when here previously. The journey of a thousand miles always starts with a single step"

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