Monday, 9 July 2018

Fun House Comes to Pleasurama in Ramsgate now with dodgems update

Planet Hollywood is a strange place where anything can and will happen

 I thought there was supposed be a gloopy stage after the dusty stage involving tarmac

 I have been out sketching at the Pav aka Spoons this am, due to the direction of the sun and the noise from the drainage engineers a new sketch from a new cool place.

A note for watercolour painters here, I usually use Bockingford "NOT" paper but have started this one on a sheet of archers, this went all manky when I tried to remove a mistake by vigorously rubbing it with my sponge and dabbing the paint off with a tissue, however I left it in the sun and and when it was dry used an ordinary eraser on the manky bit
  which removed all of the mank.

's a luverly day out there

I am now back at work in the bookshop in front of the air con and won't be skiving off until lunchtime.

Lunchtime now and there is a drilling rig off Ramsgate
Too much haze

Lunch Wetherspoons, ordered coffee with it, which comes as an empty cup meaning the staff have to guard your lunch from seagulls while you go off and use the coffee machine

Evening walk 

Dodgems going up on the Pleasurama site 

The fair has been arranged via businessman Jeremy Godden. Site owners Ramsgate Development Company has submitted an application for temporary change of use which is waiting to be validated.


Only used the Canon camera today This is the link to the photos

Here are the books we put out today This is the link to the photos

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