Sunday, 22 July 2018

Old photos of Ellington Park, day in Folkestone and sorry about the carnival

The old Ellington Park photos should expand fairly well if you click on them

Sundays tend to run along the lines of family decisions and the compromise on a hot day like today hangs between shopping and a fairly cool coastal town.
 Back when I was a teenager Ramsgate was a good shopping town, in the 1960s I don't think there was anything much to choose between Ramsgate and Canterbury shops.
 Anyway keeping it to around an hour each way in the car, this means Folkestone.
 Doing Ramsgate or Margate along with Westwood Cross just doesn't work
 I'm afraid we missed Ramsgate carnival altogether, you can't be in two places at once
 As things are I think the noise would have been too much for my tinnitus, so no carnival photos this year and I am sorry about that.

 I have just tried to work out if there are any repeats among the photos, sorry if there are.

There had been some talk of swimming, however there were a lot of jellyfish, so that didn't happen.

I did a bit more to my watercolour sketch over a pot of tea from outside Chocolate Cafe, then we wandered around what was the old railway ferry terminal but is now well along the revamp road to being a major tourist attraction.

This is the link to the photos on my camera card 

The bookshop gets busier at this time of year, this year even busier than usual as more bookshops have closed and the prices of individual books are still mostly very low.

This is the link to the books we put out yesterday 

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