Sunday, 15 July 2018

The Moss Rose in Margate and Ramsgate, Teddy Bears Picnic in Albion Gardens in 2008 and today’s photos of Canterbury and Ramsgate

Some pictures of the Moss Rose and New Moss Rose, just how many local pleasure boats there were of this name is a bit of an unknown.

I particularly like the spelling mistake on this one, my primary school education was disrupted due to my disabilities to the extent that both spelling and grammar are something of an unknown country to me.

This picture is of the teddy bear's picnic in Albion Gardens ten years ago, here is the link to some more pictures of this event local history? Well I guess it is to the children who attended it.

Canterbury today, a bit of painting and a bit of bookshoping, oh and one SD card £2 from the CEX Shop, a hot day for this sort of caper, mostly done under the air con in Chocolate Cafe.
Once again the Canterbury watercolour is a bit of a spot the diffrence

My main book buy was about cathedrals; Winkles's Architectural and Picturesque Illustrations of the Cathedral Churches of England and Wales By Winkles, Robert Garland and illustrated by Thomas Moule 1836-8 - London published by Effingham Wilson and Charles Tilt.

Not quite old enough to be antiquarian, so a modern book, although some may think 1836 more modernish for me though much more about being a bit focused on cathedrals.

On the cathedral front I am wondering about the bronze? flags that go on the bronze lightning conductors that are on the two towers over the main door.

These towers have a bit of a history and at the time the book I just bought was published the one on the left had fallen down.

More photos, Mostly of Canterbury today here is the link to them 

Work wise the books we put out in the bookshop on Saturday here the link to them

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