Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Old Ramsgate and Margate pictures and a minor ramble same old,same old really

Starting with the, is politically incorrect the right phrase here? 1818 is rather a long time ago  

 This is Bobby's in Northdown Road although I can't really decipher what the ground floor level is or even if it is there
Here is what it looks like now, well last year actually link to other photos there then possibly some sort of shop mining operation, I will ask a grownup.

 I think Westonville is another name for Westbrook

 Possibly when notionaly part of the wild west

 Some Ramsgate ones now

All a bit one small area I know, these were on file and organised that way.

Next the new dog PSPO beach map

Green = dogs are allowed at any time of year
Amber = dogs allowed on the beach but with restrictions
Red = no dogs between 1 May- 30 Sept

Important as dog poo contains Toxocariasis which can be harmful especially young children who like to play on beaches.

Here is the link to it on the council website

Note the two different amber dog beach traffic light stages I am not sure if you can be fined for being in charge of a dog while not being able to tell the difference.

This may be also connected with Turner Contemporary presents: Turner & Pooch Dog Weekend Sat 28 - Sun 29 Jul 2018 11.00 - 16.00, Free

To celebrate our latest exhibition, Animals & Us, we’re inviting all dog owners and their dogs onto our terrace for a weekend of canine celebrations.

Find out more here

On the work in the bookshop front this is the link to the books that went out today  

I skived off this morning and painted on the sundeck of the Pav aka Spoons 
where I got papped 

well apparently, new word for me 

Yep same old, the photos will probably expand fairly well if you click on them.

today's out and about photos link 

One day I will master holding the Nikon camera straight but not yet. 

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  1. Often see you in Margate. Your papped pic is a good likeness. Don't you EVER smile? All those fried breakfasts are depressing you perhaps?


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