Thursday, 26 July 2018

Westbrook in Thanet, a small heatwave post

 I think for a while in Edwardian times Westbrook changed its name to Westonville
 I would guess it aspired to be the new Ciftonville
 On a hot day the seafront prom etc tends to be a fair bit cooler than Margate
 It certainly was today, we walked as far as the edge of Margate seafront and turned back as it was too hot.
 We bought some books for the bookshop in Herne Bay this morning - probably the wrong ones because of the heat
 The buying of fiction for the bookshop is a difficult one as I dont want to buy too many titles I already have.
 Today I did this using the photos of the fiction books on the shelves in the bookshop here is the link 


Sorry if there are any repeats in that lot.

I quite like painting Margate from Westbrook as the light is mostly behind me.
Today's effort, done in sunglasses and wilting in the heat, came out rather strange.

A couple of pretty strange replies from pins re the Manston DCO and how they deal with ensuring the the money paid to them and other people in the course of the DCO process is legitimately sourced. Here are the links - link 1 link 2 with RiverOak RSP seeming to source their funds from tax havens and the UK Gov cracking down on this at the moment; I wondered how this would work.

I think Ramsgate Town  Council have bought the old fire station in Effinghm Street which I think they will turn into a new town hall. I have reservations on two counts with this one, the first being, will they be able to get out of their lease commitments to The Custom House and the other is that I have always tried to get them to take an ordinary empty shop in the town centre with a clerk on the desk whose job is to sort out local people's problems, contact the right person in the right part of local or national government.

A few photos of Westbrook today here is the link

For the dedicated followers this is the link the books we put out for sale yesterday 

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