Monday, 23 July 2018

The Great Wall of Ramsgate and some old pictures of Margate and Ramsgate

I suppose most people living in Ramsgate in 2013 will remember the peculiar act of vandalism to the pictures on The Great wall of Ramsgate, mainly peculiar because the vandals obviously used a paint roller and presumably a roller tray to dip it in.

For those of you who weren't here in 2013 this is the link to the pictures I took of it then     as you see however you put the mental image of the crime being committed it is very difficult to produce something that fits.

Of course you can never recreate the opening of something new this is the link to the pictures of the opening of The Great Wall of Ramsgate

This evening I walked along the great wall as part on my evening walk and it is now a bit minimalist, as I often do this is the link to the pictures I took today 

This was all brought on by an infestation of bored old people where I was painting today, I would have sent them off to look at the great wall  - but it wasn't there.

Next the inevitable historic pictures

 I think these should all expand fairly well if you click on them

Work wise this is the link to the books that went out in the bookshop today

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