Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Manston DCO update and my normal blog post

Since RSP/RiverOak announced on their website that they had resubmitted their DCO application I have been trying to find out why there isn't any mention of this on the pins website.
This is a picture of a plane at Nash Road.

pins have an unfortunate approach to publishing websites which means that they are inclined to insert old documents into the chronological list long after the date one would expect them to be published.

I think one appeared today dated 27th June

This is the link to it 

different to the other one dated 11th May and also called "Meeting Note"

This is the link to that 

I really am not sure if the info about Manston and the DCO is significant of anything much so I will start the blog post with historic Thanet aviation pictures and add some more to the blog later this evening.

Just what this is all about I really no longer know, I don't think there is much possibility that RiverOak intend to produce any sort of airport. It could be a land grab, or perhaps there are other possible motives.

I think that this quote translates as something like, we hope to get some money.

"The Applicant noted that there are often significant commercial sensitivities around funding arrangements and partnership agreements on such large infrastructure projects.

The Applicant was keen to demonstrate the availability and credibility of funding mechanisms whilst being cautious to only release into the public domain such documents as were necessary at a suitable time in the process so as not to prejudice its on-going relationships with funding partners."

Here in the bookshop work goes on as usual and this is the link to the books that got priced and put out on the shelves today we hope we got them all priced for less than you could buy a comparable copy online.

I have had a couple of skives to the Royal Victoria Pavilion aka Wetherspoons today

 Bit of a spot the difference again
 This has to be one of the best places to paint a watercolour from in the UK

I only have to tap the app on my phone and along come a cuppa accompanied by a bowl of fresh fruit and ice cream.

I did take a few photos today, I haven't looked at them yet as I don't get much time so it is a case of a direct cut and paste from the camera's SD card to my website, which hasn't quite finished yet.

Here are links to the photos

Link 1

Link 2  

Having had a look at the photos I have remembered work has started on the empty shop in York Street that was a butchers, the fair on the Pleasurama site doesn't look to be far off opening; the pictures tell the story.

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