Saturday, 14 July 2018

Bert Butler's Jazz Pilgrims at The Royal Victoria Pavilion Ramsgate and a bit of painting this morning

Bert Butler's Jazz Pilgrims plays songs written in the 1920s, something they are doing at the moment at The Royal Victoria Pavilion Ramsgate aka Wetherspoons. This type of early twentieth century entertainment was very common in Thanet back then, a hard act to follow - but they are doing pretty well and the competition is long gone.

The photos of some of the early twentieth century Thanet entertainers will expand when clicked on.

Arrived at the Pav this AM and decided some of the buildings in my watercolour were in the wrong place I decided to try and soak them off, most of the water in the sponge managed to land in my lap, not an auspicious start.

Demolition of the greater part of the RTYC part of Ramsgate seems to have done the trick.

Back at work in the bookshop an 1874 illustrated guide to Thanet is moving nicely along the road to becoming an addition to my 200 inexpensive local history reprints.

 The website containing pictures of the fiction books on the shelves is pretty much up to date.  

I went back to the Pav for a bit more painting this PM

All a bit spot the diffrence

on the camera front I am still working on the differences between the the Canon PowerShot S3 iS a great camera back in 2011 and the Nikon Coolpix P90 also a great camera back in 2011

The cost of the two cameras was well under a hundred pounds, that is for both of them, so a learning curve for me, but I would really like to buy a better bridge camera, the problem is finding anyone who really knows about digital cameras.

I have started putting a few notes together and any thoughts would be helpful.

Useful features 

Write to internal memory C doesn't N does, makes shooting faster and useful if you forget to put the card in.

Optical viewfinder with eyesight correction C and N both have this, N’s is a bit better. 

Adjust brightness in op viewfinder, makes photographs on a bright day wearing sunglasses possible N doesn't C does a bit, not really enough.

Infinity setting with infinity lock in viewfinder for taking shots of ships on horizon, both struggle with this although Landscape setting helps with both. With both infinity seems to go to infinity and beyond and beyond is a nuisance meaning if you put them on manual focus and go to the infinity end stop things don’t work out well.  

Grid lines in auto mode C does N does not

Backlight setting that works without having to raise the flash, N won’t let you shoot in backlight mode with raising flash and C doesn’t seem to have one. 

Ability to attach convertors C does N doesn’t  

Wifi that connects to phone neither does as too old.

Stopping up and down (making things lighter and darker N easy C difficult and won't in auto mode.



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