Thursday, 19 July 2018

Pictures of Broadstairs in 1903, West Bay Cafe sketch, etc

Click on the pictures to enlarge them, these pictures all come form the first Ramsgate and Broadstairs guide that I know of that has advertisements with photos of the the local businesses advertising in it.

On the subject of possible advertising here is the link to the buy it now button for the guide which also contains the link some old Ramsgate pictures from the guide.

 I think it fairly safe to assume that the photographer from E T Pike and Son came to Thanet and took the pictures in 1903, this was a serious commercial enterprise and it wouldn't have done for the photos to be out of date.

 In the local history business it is difficult to date most pictures as either they have no date on them, or they are postcards, and all you can be certain of - if they have a postmark with a legible date, is that the picture was taken at some time before the postmark.

I went to Herne Bay, Bichington, Westgate and then Broadstairs today, partly to buy books for the bookshop and partly as a day off.

I took a few photos, mostly out to sea, here is the content of the camera card

Lunch at West Bay Cafe on Westbrook promenade and the beginnings of some sort of watercolour sketch.

Ham Salad, very good

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