Thursday, 5 July 2018

Descriptive guide to Ramsgate and Margate C1902, the things you find in Whitstable

I did the two bookshops in Whitstable today
 So a few pictures from my star buy, before the San Clu fire in 1928
After the opening of The Isle of Thanet Trams in 1901

only skimmed through this guide, which I will soon do a reprint of, but I can't find any mention of The Royal Victoria Pavilion - so probably before 1903.

 Several other good finds in the basement of Oxford Street Bookshop in Whitstable
Then on to the new bookshop Harbour Books where we bought an Ian McEwan first edition (published 21st June 2018 34pp My purple scented novel) for £2

I was about once again with my Canon S3 iS camera

Oh what a wonderful dreadful camera it is

This was taken using full manual, for the rest of today's shots in auto of landscape mode here is the link

For a camera you can buy on ebay or in CEX for around £35 that runs on 4 AA batteries and survives being kept in one of my pockets, what can you say.

For the dedicated followers of all things book this is the link to the bookshop blog 

I was in Whitstable on Saturday with my Nikon P90 here is the link to the pictures



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