Wednesday, 6 February 2019

A bit of local history and some photos

Back in the day, 1884, in this case. Ramsgate was incorporated as a municipal borough, before that Ramsgate had been a limb of the decayed cinque port (pronounced sank port) of Sandwich.

Having got our own governance, the town started various improvement schemes, there was a fair amount of fighting off the ratepayers association, but along with widening of parts of the town centre, the Military road arches and Madeira Walk road with its Pulhamite outcroppings were the main schemes to drag Ramsgate into being a twentieth century resort.

I am pretty sure both structures were built in the late 1890s 

Mill Lane Margate

I have busy at price checking the metalwork books in the bookshop today, it's one of the more difficult sections to deal with as there are not many copies of them listed online. With online booksellers there is a tendency to drastically over price books they don't understand. Usually when trying to get a reasonable price for anything the sold listings on Ebay are one of the best indicators and that's ok if the item had sold in the last 3 months, anyway a lot of these proved a pain. I did get out eventually and had a look at the Steven Alexander exhibition of paintings in York Street Gallery. This proved to be very good this is the link to my post of pictures of the picture of it from earlier on.

By the time I got to the harbour the light was going so not many pictures here is the link to them.

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