Saturday, 9 February 2019

A couple or three Ramsgate accidents and wosisname

Strange you know but with tram accidents and trams being on rails I have more of a mental image of trams crashing into other moving things, people, animals , cars and so on and yet the historical local photos are of trams crashing into buildings or off of the cliff.

There may be lessons for the brave new world of driverless cars here, as I assume they run on sort of virtual rails.
Anyway this photo has a different date on it. So is it the wrong date, added at a later date? A different accident in the same place?

 I am pretty sure that the picture of this accident where a lorry crashed also damaging a motorcycle combination didn't have the people in it in the other versions I have seen. Not what appears to be a boy in a T-shirt who has probably emerged through the time space continuum. There isn't really anything there that looks like it could have gone 88 mph, but it is difficult to tell with motorbikes.

Jackson's garage Westgate in 1904 in case you wondered

 I think this must be the construction stage of the Margate Lifeboat House and slipway

 This is now the site of Lloyds Bank, here in Michael's Bookshop we probably do something like it did.
Fortunately we have "The Pleasures of a wet day at Ramsgate" by George Cruikshank to help us understand what went on inside.
 Another fire brigade picture to help celebrate the opening of the new fire station.

 Tudor House before restoration
 Fort Road
This is the digging out for Margate Winter Gardens

I have been interested in how stuff works - at least as far back as I can remember and as I have had my children of various ages, living in the flat above the bookshop here in Ramsgate and going off to various schools for nearly 30 years this is ongoing.

I just passed some school homework on the Milgram experiment - you know? The one where the subjects think the are giving someone increasingly powerful electric shocks, for giving wrong answers.

There may be practical aspects of this related to moderating blog comments.

I didn't manage to get out and take photos today, so for anyone needing some fairly recent local pictures here is the link to a batch of liked pages of photos from 2010

This one of the fire brigade putting out the sea is by way of example

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