Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Historic Thanet photos, council issues,

 This one says 1914 on the file and so I assume that it is the warships in the distance that is most significant.

 Ramsgate Town Hall, market below, note the trusses to stop the upper walls from moving outwards, on a cathedral these would be flying buttresses, in local government it's just called, another fine mess. 
Update from Facebook comments

"John Hyde Press the bell button on the post to get the man out to operate it. Cost,I think a penny each with our bikes.He wasn't too happy if you went down the road a bit, changed your mind and came back to re-cross. A lovely rural spot in the fifties."

"Albert Fright Here's a few more of the ferry."

I think this is probably the Harbour Street - King Street Ramsgate, now Timpson's site.

Work wise the normal eclectic batch of books processed today, here is the link to the photos of them

The Council got a stiff letter from the government last week, this seems to be saying get on and allocate land for building more houses on, here is the link if you want to read it  I think it boils down sorting out a series of compromises that stem from the Manston Airport site issue. The Labour group, blame the Tory group who blame UKIP who know they will never get re-elected and so don't need to blame anyone.

As I have said before, most of the blog comment occurs on the local facebook groups I normally link to

At the very least I post a link to the the blog post on the appropriate ones, this causes some consternation to the people who look at it and comment without clicking on the link, among the comments of the people who have read the post and seen all of the pictures.

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