Saturday, 2 February 2019

Thanet historic photos, The Shipwright's Arms to become Craft Union free house called The Waterfront

I had a fairly long skive in Wetherspoons today, painting and a bit of philosophy type of kidney.

The Shipwright's has been gutted, with the ground floor enlarged

The last makeover there was in 2015, this resulted in a fairly short grey and red period as you can see from the photos.

I suppose in a way this is all part of the Westwood Cross knock on effect. What happened is that we developed far too much shop space, now I think we are probably developing too much cafe and bar space. Mind you I could be wrong and with the Shipwrights aka Jazz Room aka Waterfront, it was and has been bar space since well back in the day.

To my mind it is what are though of as the better towns where this is going to impact the most, in this area Canterbury in particular, where so much shop space is going to cafe space.

Here at/in the bookshop in Ramsgate I don't think the impact of other shops in the town closing can make much difference any more.

In about 280 BC the philosopher Zeno, at around 30 had been shipwrecked and reading about Socrates, like I am at the moment, wandered into a bookshop to ask if anyone was still carrying on the Socratic tradition. The shop assistant sent him off to Crates (pronounced Cratees) so perhaps the whole business with the tortoise is down to the bookshop.

Here is the link to the photos I took today

Who knows, they may be more interesting sooner than I expect

   Anyway like the tardis the Shipwrights should be bigger on the inside.

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