Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Euroferries Bonanza Express on the move

I have just noticed that Bonanza express is on the move, despite rumours that she had been laid up and all her crew had been laid off she is moving towards Santa Cruz de Tenerife at 17.4 kn course 288 degrees.

Any ideas what this means for the Ramsgate Boulogne service.

I gather negotiations are continuing between TDC and Euroferries but not much else.

Click here to trak her


  1. Michael, this was sent earlier today to 'Strife':
    Anonymous said...

    Well done Thanet Council on the brilliant organisation of the new ferry service. She has left her lay up berth and has gone to Santa Cruz with the logos on the sides for the new ramsgate service painted out.Suggesting she has a contract with another charterer. It is only fair to congratulate the council on a complete failure as is almost expected of everything they put their hands on .Lets hope the new Ramsgate council can make the right decisios and choose the right people for their future projects
    22 July 2009 16:41

    It would be nice to be able to confirm that the 'logos' have gone?

  2. The new service was apparently scuppered on Friday, I hear. Despite everyone trying their hardest, at the end of the day Euroferries couldn't meet TDC's rather stringent demands and Fred Olsen got fed up with continuous extensions to the Bonanza Express charter.

    Where it's off to now, I haven't a clue.

  3. 23.11 Not what I heard which was scupperd on Friday but due to intervention re started on Monday but perhaps your sources are better than mine.

  4. photos .....

    make up your own mind .... and translation

    'After the incident in Los Cristianos in December 2008 the HSC Bonanza by Fred Olsen SA, having been repaired in Las Palmas, was inactive today in which moor in the area of the pier in Tenerife, where the Fred Olsen often moor their ferries. It seems that the charter will Euroferrys Bonanza, the catamaran of 96 meters (Imcat 1999), the most veteran of the current HSC Olsen, for use in service between Dover and Boulogne on the Channel (see previous information). It disappeared as the name of the operator and in the coming days will come to your next operator. We can compare the previous image next to the HSC Bentago founded in Gran Canaria.'

    (©) Copyright text and images: Antonio Sáez, Tenerife.
    Posted by Sergio @ CRUISE on Tuesday, July 21, 2009


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