Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Miss Joydays Ramsgate and the French lie about bikinis

The French claim that the bikini was invented by French engineer Louis Réard and fashion designer Jacques Heim in Paris in 1946 and first appeared on July 25 of that year at a fashion show at Piscine Molitor in Paris.

As you can see from the cover of this 1939 guide to Ramsgate we didn’t seem to realise it would require the expertise of and engineer to produce one.

I am afraid to say that when I trained in engineering I didn’t know that bikini engineers existed or I may have made a different career choice.

Anyway having ploughed through the local blogs just now there is rather a lot of political infighting going on it’s all a bit sad really and has reached the point where Tony Bignews Margate has had to turn comment moderation on.

So I thought I would stick up a few more pages of Miss Joydays guiding us around pre-war Ramsgate would cheer people up click here for them.


  1. I think you will find that the Italians or rather Romans invented bikinis .

    There is a famous mosaic of three dancing girls all wearing them

  2. 17.17 I had assumed they were of prehistoric origin.

  3. You're absolutely right Michael:


  4. I imagine that running without it would be uncomfortable Peter


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