Sunday, 5 July 2009

Panoramic view of Victorian Ramsgate from the sea in about 1885

Click here to view it

Do feel free to print this one out and stick it up on your wall it is made of five separate images published side by side click here for the images rotated for printing, just save each of the five images to you computer.

To do this right click on each of the images click on “save picture as” when you have saved them all print them out cut the white boarders off and away you go.

Alternatively I publish it in book form printed on our very fade resistant laser printer click here for it. The economics of this rather depend on what you pay for printer ink.

The book contains 38 images mostly of Ramsgate but also a few of Broadstairs, I have published the panorama on alternate pages so you only need one copy of the book to cut it out, I have also made a special effort with the images in the book so the panorama joins up well.

I have a copy of it on the kitchen wall and it has given me a great deal of pleasure, it came from the A4 version of the book and is 64 inches long or 160 centimetres for those born after the flood.

A question that often comes up is how to date a picture like this so I will have a go, it’s after the pier was built in 1881 and before the pavilion was built in 1906 it’s not between 1888 and 1891 as the pier had a switchback railway on it and it’s got to be before 1890 as it shows the harbour trustees committee house (just to the right of the clock house with the domed roof) that was demolished then, so between 1881 and 1888.

Perhaps someone else can do better, do feel free to help narrow the date down.

While on the subject of local items to stick on the wall I noticed the maritime museum has a print of the birds-eye view of Ramsgate for sale, I believe this is about 1860 they also had couple of charts one of the Goodwin Sands showing shipwrecks I think.

I mention this as people are always asking for this type of stuff in my bookshop.

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