Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Granville Marina Restaurant recommendation to compulsory purchase.

Thanet District Council officers have recommended that the planning committee approve the compulsory purchase of Granville Marina Restaurant.

Click here to read the recommendation to compulsory purchase, click here and here for pictures of the initial restoration work carried out by Goody Demolition.

It occurred to me that some of you would find the correspondence I had with one of TDCs heritage experts immediately after this incident, it does show in a little more detail what appears to have gone wrong click here to do so.

I should also add the I only picked this one up because it published the links to the documentation on today where I have recently put up quite a lot relating to other Thanet planning applications and some of you may wish to check on any in your part of Thanet.


  1. Probably the only option if the people of Ramsgate want it saved.

  2. michael

    so nice of TDC to list out their failings in one easy-to-read document.

    Are they the right people to own it? If they have bene in discussions with its owners since 2001 about its state of repair which ends up with the building being demolished under their supervision 7 years later, I'd say not. Not so much the midas touch, more like the manure touch.

    Another blot on the landscape to add to a long, growing list of TDC failures.

    When do we get to vote them out?

  3. Stop Manston Expansion Group I have added a link to some of the correspondence I had at the time with TDC to this post that I think you will find clarifies the situation.

    I have to agree TDC don’t seem to be very good at dealing with long term empty buildings particularly where the owners are developers that would like to demolish them.

    There are several in the immediate vicinity of my bookshop in King Street two if which have had fires since they stopped being occupied.

  4. A lot of these old buildings need pulling down. They're no longer serving the purpose they were built for, are drafty, suffer damp, rot and continually need patching up. Build something new if anything at all here but don't build it in Victorian style, we need the confidence to rebuild in our own modern style. The Georgians, Victorians, Edwardians all had confidence to build in their own style and the Victorians weren't adverse to pulling down Georgian properties to build in their own style. People in the UK continually look backwards, suffer apathy and hate seeing anyone making a buck. No wonder your country is bankrupt.

  5. 00.39, we look to the past primarily because we have one.

  6. "The Georgians, Victorians, Edwardians all had confidence to build in their own style and the Victorians weren't adverse to pulling down Georgian properties to build in their own style."

    Such as in Neo-Gothic style maybe ...

  7. 00.39 I just don’t know an adequate response here Georgians, Victorians and Edwardians sought as we do to preserve and restore much of the better, more unusual or interesting architecture from previous generations.

    There are plenty of bad buildings from most periods damp draughty modern ones with pvc windows that squeal in the wind.

    Tower blocks and modern housing estates that have design faults that enhance social problems.

    Someone I know asked a local architect he knows what he thought the most significant building in Margate to be, his reply was the multi-storey car park, apparently he designed it.

    In the part of Ramsgate where I live many of the old building were cleared and replaced with various blocks of flats, on the whole this hasn’t proved to be a successful experiment, people seem to prefer the terraced housed made from conventional materials they replaced.


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