Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Euroferries Ramsgate to Boulougne ferry service

I have been delving the web and phoning around trying to find the present situation regarding this issue.

The ferry they intend to use Bonanza Express is still in port at Las Palmas de Gran Caneria.

Work hasn’t started in Port Ramsgate to modify or replace the roll on roll of equipment that would be needed.

There is a signature missing from the documentation at TDC, this is delaying things.

It seems pretty definite that Bonanza Express now has Euroferries painted on the side, suggestions have been made that the picture above has been doctored but I believe this is not the case, mainly as it would be counterproductive in terms of any efforts to get the operation off the ground.

She has been moving about in the port at Las Palmas de Gran Caneria today according to MarineTraffic.com so I don’t know if this is significant of anything.

There has been a large investment in Boulougne that appears to be for the Euroferries terminal.

There is a lot of comment about this on The Big Blog click here to view

The bottom line here is that if it is possible to pull it of a Ramsgate to Boulougne ferry service would be of great benefit to Ramsgate.


  1. The bloke in the pub told me someone else had recently set up a Dover - Boulougne fast service. That pretty much renders any chance of a Ramsgate service non-existent. Bloody stupid idea in the first place to sail out of Ramsgate, north round the Goodwins, then south past Dover to Boulougne.

  2. Michael, ramsgate need to be signposted from the port first. Margate is on the signpost as you leave the western undercliff, but not ramsgate- a ruddy great sign pointing you left.

    Just another perfect example of a council not fit for purpose.

  3. Is there a sign for the airport?

  4. 17.19 Ramsgate seems to prosper better with a foot passenger service to France which is why I am very much behind the idea, particularly at the moment with the exchange rate so attractive to Europeans.

    Stop Manston Expansion Group coincidentally I mentioned this to Steve Ladyman yesterday who recommended that I contact Ramsgate Town Council about it, this I will do.

    10.12 Not sure.

  5. 10.12, depends which one you mean. Kent International Airport, Manston International, Kent Intl - they are all signposted at various points around east kent.

    Apparently, none of them are very busy, but all have delusions of grandeur.

  6. Its been 'moving' about like that for months in the port of Las Palmas, if the site is correct.

    What works in Boulogne ?

    If this service goes ahead EF will be using either Berth 16 townside or Berth 13 of the old Gare Maritime,when LD Lines move across to the new terminal.

  7. 15.11 I don’t really understand the moving about bit either.

    If you click on the link in this post to the big blog you will find some comment about the works at Boulougne I have to admit that I didn’t really quite understand all of that either, main reason for the post was hopefully to find a bit more out.

  8. Michael - the major works in Boulogne are the new Hub Port Terminal, due to be operational in the next week or so...

    Have a look at this: http://www.portboulogne.com/commercial-port/projects.html

    This has been in the planning since the closure of Comilog, LD will operate from here.


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