Friday, 24 July 2009

Just for Tony Big News

his was today’s Morning walk mostly for the chap who is geotechnologist that supervised the repairs to the Pleasurama cliff façade repairs, the most boring but important ones show that it’s all cracking up and TDC have binned best part of a million pounds.

There are also some for KCC about a drain they have mended so the water comes out instead of going in.

My eyesight isn’t what it was but I tried to turn a few in the camera so most are the right way up this is set on 3.5 mega pixels and ftpd straight from the memory card with all warts.

If I publish them full size they come out a about 2 metres wide, bit difficult to view.

So you see I am fairly restrained on my web publishing.
Anyway here is the link


  1. Some great picture Michael thanks.

  2. Recognised some lovely parts of Ramsgate, Michael, thanks. Was not aware of how dodgy some of the brickwork looks on those arches and horrified to see plants growing out of cliff-face covering so quickly at Pleasurama. What damage are roots causing? What an apalling indictment of TDC that a prime site on Ramsgate seafront is a shambles for yet another summer season.

  3. Thanks for the piccies Michael I havent been to some of those spots in twenty five years you have taken me down memory lane today cheers Don

  4. Bertie KCC tell me the the arches are safe enough to support 40 tonne PSVs and HGVs.

    Tony and some dreadful ones, the guys and gals that play photoshop and load them one at a time to flicker would have the screaming abdabs if the saw the way I put them on the web the 200 I put up today took less than 5 mins computing time.

    I also don’t think many of them can work out hoe I wrote the site which is a bit of a moot point.

    As always Don a pleasure.


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