Friday, 3 July 2009

Ramsgate Rocks timetable of events.

This weekend Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th July is the time to go down to the Royal Harbour at Ramsgate for a fun packed family weekend.

There is a funfair, a continental market, a small farmers market, a food and drinks area, street entertainment, a fireworks display on Saturday evening amongst other attractions. The live bands on stage across the two days are as follows;

12pm Los Conscious
2.30pm Surfdudegrandad
5pm XYZ
8pm The Interseptors
9pm Stephanie Benson
9.45pm The Interseptors

11am Breed
1.30pm Hot Rats
4pm Broken Biscuit

A School Idol singing competition between students from across Thanet will be held on both days between 10am and 2pm at the Your Voice Roadshow studio, giving under 15’s the opportunity to win and record their own CD to take home.


  1. having read, for some weeks now, the outpourings of afew on your local blog sites, I suppose that this event, however successful, will be the butt of all that is wrong in Thanet.

    The likes of Bertie Biggles, Tony Flaig, East Cliff Dick, and shamefully a Councillor (Nottingham) seem to find ill in anything to do with Thanet.

    I have to say that, having been contemplating a week in Broadstairs this year I will not be now. Nothing to do with the Council, or most of the local people, but the abovementioned malcontents give me the view that I will not risk my annual holiday in a place with so many moaning minnies. I will stick with hastings,not so relaxing as Thanet, but not so many moaning old sods.

  2. Day Tripper you seem to be a little geographically disadvantaged here you do realise that none of the people you have mentioned live in Broadstairs I suppose.

    Perhaps I should point you at Lewis Carroll as I wonder if you are trying to apply the battle of Hastings to the local bloggers in much the same way as he applied a railway share to a snark.

    Oh well I will add the final part of the first surrealist movie to this post to enhance the surrealist comment.

  3. What Day Tripper has missed, I think, is that all the people he mentions are moaning because they can see exactly how things could be improved if it weren't for the idiots running our council. If the 'moaners' were in charge the place would be a holidaymakers' paradise.

    However, I suspect nothing short of a Tory party conference in Bournemouth would satisfy the poor berk.

  4. The village of Birchington is to stage its own salute to the King of Pop.
    The Michael Jackson Tribute competition will be held at the King Ethelbert School at the end of the month.

    But auditions will be held soon in preparation of the event. Comperes John Worrow, a parish councillor, and Ralph Hoult, entertainments manager at Ramsgate’s Granville Theatre, will host the show. To audition for a spot at the July 31 event potential performers need to decide on which of four categories they want to apply for.

    They are: the young Michael, the older Michael, The Jackson Five group and the Michael non lookalike (music tribute category). To get involved call Cllr John Worrow on 07847303256 or Julie Francis on 01843 841796.

    Cllr Worrow said: “We expect this to be a fun event for all the family.” The Birchington Village Partnership are staging the show.

    The winners of the tribute competition will get to perform at Birchington Village Partnership's Outdoor Event at Minnis Bay on Sunday, September 20 and the Starlite Entertainers dance act will also entertain.

  5. I'm glad Daytripper has decided to go elsewhere. Thanet used to be a lovely quiet place. Now it is full of drunk loud tourists. Why don't they all go somewhere else?


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