Friday, 17 July 2009

Why Hide Thanet Pride Thanet District Council

Once again a major local event partly sponsored by Thanet District Council and nothing on the council website.

I have contacted all the usual candidates at the council bur don’t expect much.

Update, many thanks to Dr Simon Moores who managed to find it on one of TDCs websites that is hosted by a private company, it’s nearly as bizarre as the TDC planning site.

It lists Ramsgate as only having one shop “Ramsgate Town Partnership” it lists Margate as having 10 shops I haven’t been there for a while so this may be accurate.

Here you go see if you can find the link to Thanet Pride.


  1. Don't worry Thanet's premier blog the one with "Bignews Margate" in the title has endorsed this years event once again, as I did last year, and hope that its well attended as it was last year.

    Its events like this that create business for the local community probably more so than the Big Event which does nothing to encourage visitors to the area. Well done to those who've organiside it.

  2. Absolutely with you on this one Tony events that happen in the towns are what we need.

  3. Michael

    It's not hidden. Simply o to the events list and you will find it there with all our other events.

  4. Well spotted Simon, what with one thing and another we could run a competition along the lines of where have TDC hidden it on their website.

    Is this a TDC website? Does it cost us much?

    It seems to rate Thanet Pride well below belly dancing classes.


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