Sunday, 5 July 2009

Restoration of the Steam Tug Cervia to start imminently

Preston Steam Trust has announced that the restoration project will start in the next two weeks in Ramsgate Harbour.

Click here for the history of the Cervia she once worked as the ferry tug at Port Ramsgate.


  1. Not before time!!!!! But like most promises in Thanet I'll believe it when it happens

  2. I think this is a welcome development isn't it Michael ?

    Tony Beachcomber is in touch with people with such expertise in local and aviation history. It seems to me that the missing ingredient to harness that to a Museum Service, worthy of the name, is good will.

    I wonder if Ralph Hoult and Tony could promote the good will ... let bygones be bygones ... the former trustees of EKMT are now out of the picture ...

    And thus a resource of volunteer expertise could be availed to the new museum service.

    As far as I am able to tell the Steam Museum has £267,000 of Butler Trust money to spend in Thanet. Let's see that Cervia restoration get going.

    Michael I retired today by the way. Just blogging on weights and other training in lung disease now.

    I may still contribute helpful pointers to your own blog threads of course

  3. Why not turn the hulk into razor blades, I'm sure that reclamit may be able to help

  4. Surely not razor blades its killed enough people as it is!

    Send it to Preston with its owner..


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