Friday, 24 July 2009

Pictures of local people

Walking around with my camera yesterday I promised a few Ramsgate people that their pictures would appear on the internet today, I am afraid one or two may have to wait until tomorrow.

The ambulance was because some old chap had got drunk jumped of the harbour wall and broken his jaw, the local lads were a bit concerned about this and I hope the pictures of them help to cheer them up in some way.

As I said to them no copyright considerations use them as you like.

Click here for the pictures.


  1. WHERES MY PICTURE I always miss out on fame and fortune

  2. If Miles see's this "Hi Miles hope you are OK"

  3. Tony same old camera, I took a whole bag of lenses with me and the tripod, I have also downloaded some updated software into the camera that helps.

    The main difference was today and yesterday I wasn’t looking after my 7 year old twins, so could look through the view finder, run sideways across this strip and you can see what it does with a 5k mm mirror lens, you can see from the horizon just how far away they are.

    All the pictures are unedited just greatly reduced in definition for the web.

    This is one of the other batches I took today it’s for promoting the new cycle shop that’s opened over the road from me. 6 to 40 mm zoom see
    But yes I do really need to update, its about 4 years old now, and only about 20 mega pixels, or at least give the inside a bit of a clean the crud in the sky is from when sneezed when changing lenses.

  4. how come the BBC have to blur the faces of children and you do not?, Especially as thes kids are below 16 (apparantly)

  5. 15.43 The children asked me to take their pictures and publish and publish them to the web for them, they are also customers of mine, I wouldn’t insult them by worrying that I could face some petty litigation because I wasn’t prepared to treat them like human beings which is what they are.

    As far as I know the only other people treated in this way by the media are criminals.

  6. watch any news report about schools. Either you can only see the kids legs or blurred faces. I do not think they are all criminals. I believe it is something to do with the child (no pun intended) protection act.

    Please be careful michael


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