Friday, 31 July 2009

A difficult week and some more pictures

I am afraid that my blogging may be a little sporadic at the moment and some of you may have to wait a while for answers to emails.

Since Saturday I haven’t been able to sit comfortably for more than about 5 mins due to the unfortunate roller skating accident, I really cant seem to be able to type standing up.

It gets worse I have just heard that my father has been diagnosed as having motor neurone disease so I will post when I can.

He has been ill for about the last year but was wrongly diagnosed so has been getting the wrong treatment so things may improve.

There have been some comments about the crud in my camera and I can’t find the cleaning kit so I took some of yesterdays picts with my old digital camera, unfortunately it seems to be about half a pixel but here they are

This morning’s picts were taken with the one with the crud in it but here they are a couple of interesting ones of a building firm getting their sand from Broadstairs beach that made me chuckle.
As you can see Ramsgate Market was setting up when I wandered through it this morning.


  1. It would appear your camera has healed itself. Thanks for the piccies thats my favourite trip by the golf course and the trees form a tunnel. I cant get out at the moment not too good so its nice to see your pictorial journeys

  2. PS meant to say hope dad is ok and that your disposition soon heals

  3. Sorry to hear your news Michael, Best of luck and best wishes to your Dad


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