Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Wind surfing at Ramsgate today

Click on the link for pictures

And this link for this mornings pictures


  1. Technically it's kite surfing but then again it does need wind so I'll let you off ;)

  2. Sorry Adem still getting over my roller skating accident, I am best described as a foggie with a pain in the but, everything I write seems to be coming out wrong and I can’t find the camera cleaning kit.

    I hope I managed to get some good video of it to but Youtube seems to hate me just now.

  3. Michael, thanks for the pics. Nice one of the whole cliff face repairs. The benefits of a roller skating accident can be seen but trust recovery is going well! In regard to roller skates the advice given by Dirty Harry to his 'Captain of Detectives' comes to mind: " A man needs to know his limitations!"

  4. Even old monkeys fall from trees (Samurai jest)

    My own inline skating apprenticeship will shortly be resumed.

    As you know I have recently taken up Ju Jitsu after a break from such activity of thirty years.

    Last Sunday we started off with breakfalls. "Start with simple hard rolls" said the black belt.

    My efforts ended up as a vertical flying head butt at the mat followed by my upturned body describing an arc to the horizontal via a series of bumps.

    "I used to roll like a tanner Sensei but now I seem to roll like a thruppence"

    "What's a thruppence old fella ?" he asked.

    Are you going to post on the Corby High Court case ? I have also asked ECR to get well and do a post on it.

    Best wishes

  5. Goodness, gracious me, Michael! That's and upside down view of your glass, you have there!
    Do cheer up, sweetcakes!

    There, you've had the bit of sympathy that you've been baying for, now pull your socks up and get on with it, sugarplum!


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