Friday, 10 July 2009

The mystery of Thanet District Council TV

One of the things I post regularly on are the new videos that Thanet District Council put up on Youtube, some of these are obviously professionally made for the council, probably at considerable expense.

Don’t get me wrong here they are very good well made videos and the latest batch to go up here water-safety-code.html on an important subject that may save lives.

When I first started posting them I noticed that many of them had hardly been viewed at all, the problem being that in quite a few cases there doesn’t seem to be any discernable use of them made on the councils website.

Occasionally one may appear embedded in a news item on the council’s homepage but these items vanish after a relatively short space of time, strange really like the councils press release photographs.

Here is the latest one, Youth Matters meet Gary Rhodes at the National Junior Chef competition 2009, not something you would think they would want to hide, it shows Thanet College in an exceptionally good light.

when I embedded it here it had been up for two days and only had 7 viewings three of which were me messing about getting it to embed properly.

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