Tuesday, 21 July 2009

More efforts to get Thanet District Council to promote the big local events.

I haven’t even tried with the smaller ones, but with Paul Laws already twittering about Dippers and Dunkers I thought it could be worth a try.

I sent the following missive off to the likely candidates at TDC and will do my best.

Having discovered the council funded http://www.visitthanet.co.uk/ after last week’s correspondence about Thanet Pride, it is featuring The Big Sky Jazz Festival on its home page.

No sign of Dippers and Dunkers on visit Thanet nor is there any sign of Sound Island Music Festival

The Quex Spitfire Prom is listed but the link leads to the wrong page of the Quex website.

Way down below events like belly dancing classes and girls night out.

Anyway apart from Dippers and Dunkers there are a few other major events this weekend that the council may feel justified in promoting on their website.

July 24-25 Big Sky Jazz Festival
July 24-26 Sound Island Music Festival
July 26 Quex Spitfire Prom

Once again these are major events and I believe some government funding is involved.

Ed. Many thanks to ECR for listing them on his blog http://eastcliffrichard.blogspot.com/ invaluable for this sort of job.


  1. Michael about time someone got it sorted down at TDC HQ and promoted Thanet as it should be I bet the adverising budget is huge and the person in charge of it on a big fat pensionable salary shame they dont do a very good job most things I know about come from the blogs and twitter SHAME ON TDC for wasting money but they are very good at it in fact they must be due an award bet ECR can com,e up with one and run it in the local paper BBC TV & Radio ITV plus Kent Tv AND THE GUARDIAN AND the Times front page of the Sun and local radio shame that TDC spends the money but gets no show .........anyone out there in TDC land care to comment or an I just a cynical old man comment either ways please just to let me know I am still alive and not died and TDC have handle the publicity

  2. Not sure where you have been, I have used that Visit Thanet website for a couple of years - 2nd on the list if you Google 'Thanet'

  3. Don glad to know you haven’t shuffled off your mortal coil and am hoping to see a few posts on your blog soon.

    It is an uphill struggle with TDCIT but am getting some progress, certainly in the current economic climate this outside website that doesn’t function properly is something I think they ought to consider dropping.

    They have missed two of the main local events for this weekend and several minor ones.

    As things stand they would get a better coverage of the more important local events by copying them from ECRs sidebar and sticking them on an events page on the TDC website.

    I suppose the fact that they only list one shop in Ramsgate is the best reflection of how bad it is.

    20.06 If you Google my name I believe you will find I get a pretty high ranking, was on top until Michael Jackson died but he seems to have put me into third place.

    High Google rankings are not that difficult to achieve a more accurate idea can be gained by their number of views that the videos they publish on Youtube and embed in their site, their best has been on Youtube for 6 months and has had 569 views, my best has been on youtube for 1 year and has had 8,210 veiws.

    I can,t access their webstats my blog gets about 2,000 absolute unique visitors a month and about 5,000 visits, this blog has over 1,000 posts on it so I don’t reckon the embedded video would be that easy to find, but giving them the benefit of the doubt I will concede I recon that makes my blog about 15 times more popular than their site.

    So it looks like they are getting about 130 absolutely unique visitors a month.

    So without being facetious and as they seem to have missed half of the main events for this week end what do you use the site for?

  4. Michael I never use the site its RUBBISH and when you email them they take no notice either

  5. Never one to hold a grudge just cos I think their website leaves a lot to be desired click here and see for yourself I will now go and put them on my blog as well


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