Saturday, 25 July 2009

More pictures for Tony, Bertie, Don et al

I spent a lot of today wandering around taking pictures and once again here they are in low definition for the internet.

Some are for promotions for the two Westcliff cafés and will do some more detailed posts about them later on.

All the pictures are reduced in size to fit fairly easily on the www none have been enhanced or deleted, something I will try and get around to.

All were taken today the first lot Ramsgate and Broadstairs between about 6am and 9.30 when I came back to open the shop.

The next lot about 10.30 when I went into Ramsgate to buy some stationary.

Then this afternoon I took my children roller skating on the Westcliff, I fell over about 25 times on concrete and am a little bruised now.

It has been some years since my skates came out of the cupboard as you can tell from the antiquated design.

We finished up feeding a pony that had gone for a swim in the sea.
Well here are the pictures warts and all


  1. Thanks Michael it is a pleasure to browse them ........we love the little cafe on the prom under the Louisa Bay Bacon and Brie stick ohhhhhh its so nice Hope you are ok I can recomend bruise-eze I often have a small tumble in fact I may take a degree course in the art of falling over LOL

  2. I am booked to visit Ramsgate in a few weeks time but dont need to visit now that I have had a recent look! Well its not a lot different from my visit last year and the year before. There was a fun fair by the Royal Sands 2 years ago but it looks like a work in progress now.
    In case you have not spotted it there is a small squiggle in both sets of pics, you can see it just by the clock in the second photo of this set, as smoke comming out of the large chimney shot later on and in the sky in some. Hopefully its something on your camera.

  3. Don I spent the first 14 years of my life severely disabled and learnt after a while it’s mostly best to leave the medication alone if you can, I know you can’t but a few bruises will soon loosen up with a bit more skating practice.

    20.13 Don’t you believe it Ramsgate is well on the way up and well worth a visit.

    Sorry about the squiggle I sneezed when changing lenses and need to clean the camera out.

  4. Michael, your pics remind me how lucky we are to be in Thanet with the 3 distinct towns of Broadstairs, Ramsgate and Broadstairs; each with their own flavour!I weep for Margate though, when I compare it with your pics of Ramsgate and Broadstairs.


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