Saturday, 3 November 2018

4 Victorian Photos of Ramsgate Harbour and 4 Margate 3D pictures

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 I would think all of these are 1880s or before note the Royal Albion Hotel, where several Tissot paintings were painted, just to the right of the Royal Hotel
 Note the Harbour Master's house and Harbour Commissioner's meeting room built on Pier Yard, now the car park
 Note the black face of the clock on The Clockhouse now the maritime museum and the swing bridge mechanism
Note the complicated arrangement at the edge of the cliff where the red brick arches were built in the late 1800s

Next some pictures of the Cervia Steam Tug taken 10 years ago

So what did the Victorians get up to in Ramsgate
I have been making a bookcase for collectable Penguin books in the bookshop today, book collecting or any sort of collecting where most of the highly sought after items are under a fiver with absolute star items going as high as about £20 can be fun. Taking the bus, train or car and perhaps spending much more on the travelling than the collectable item was all but wiped out by the internet. Anyway reintroduced here in Ramsgate despite the naughty modern world.

Website design is a funny old business and I have been looking at the bookshop's home page.

here is the link

There is a consensus of opinion here that I should improve it, make it easier to understand, although no one seems to have any suggestions on how, any ideas anyone?

 These cards are supposed to be viewed using a special viewer to make the image 3D
 these two middle ones date from the mid 1870s

If you take a piece of card and put one edge against the line between the two pictures on you computer screen and the opposite edge of the card against you nose you can see how this works, although you really need lenses for the full effect

Anyone got a phone virtual reality viewer? I guess this would work

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  1. Hi Michael the stereo cards can be viewed perfectly using Brian May's "Owl" viewer or the Owl light. Have tried it with both and the pictures are fabulous.


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