Sunday, 4 November 2018

Fishing photos and the Nikon P610 camera

 Click on pictures to expand and note the Ramsgate fishing smacks putting out to sea
 This is a particularly good photo for getting the lines of a fishing smack in the water

Note the fishing smacks top left in this one.

I bought a different secondhand bridge camera today, I already have several and am a compulsive secondhand camera buyer, I should stress that it is very easy to sell them and get most of your money back, although in practice I tend to encourage the youf instead.

With cameras and what I use them for, well it's mostly related to this blog, the idea being to have equipment in my pocket that enables me to take photos that people wouldn't be able to take with their mobile phones. I should stress here that this isn't about taking better photos, just ones that are different.

Mainly because the light is getting worse I thought I would buy something a bit more recent, so I could get some better zoom shots, I have been looking for a while and bought a Nikon P610 from the CEX shop in Canterbury today. I am not keen on buying secondhand cameras on the internet and prefer to try before I buy something.

I also wanted something where I could put an app on my phone that would enable me to view on the phone screen what the camera was looking at and take photos using wifi, this function on this camera is a bit primitive, the later cameras use bluetooth I think.

This is a camera in the £150 to £250 price ballpark for a secondhand one.

As I said, something that worked well in fairly poor lighting, I bought the camera at 3.30 this afternoon and snapped away with it until we left Canterbury at 5 so pretty much dark.

I snapped away so a couple of hundred photos on the card, so 2 pages, th++is is a 16 megapixel camera set on 2 megapixels so the pictures are just about the right size for web publishing, and the digital zoom will take advantage of the extra quality when zooming in.

Link to page 1

Link to page 2 

The rest of this post is really notation for me

useful and relaxed instructional video 

 settings grid on auto, change barrel zoom control to manual focus, need to experiment with back light setting to produce Caribbean drama effect

very few books went out on Saturday but here is the link

Snaps on walk King St, Harbour St, York St, all photos in order taken link

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