Monday, 5 November 2018

two old Margate school photos and a couple of Ramsgate Harbour in the 1800s + more Nikon P610 photos Ramsgate today

 Pity the didn't write the date on the slate
this one looks to be around 1900 to me
 This one 1930s?
 Black dial late 1800s  I think
I am still getting used to the camera I bought yesterday, only going into full manual a couple of times, infinity is actually what it says which is an improvement on my other digital cameras which have a bit of a to infinity and beyond problem.

The app which allows you to view through the viewfinder, adjust the zoom and take photos will be useful. I am surprised that it is limited to these functions, I would have thought it would at the very least let you take video and transfer the pictures to your phone in a useful way.

I can't fault the camera though, best camera I have ever owned overall I think - this appraisal is likely to get worse as I try to do more things with it.

two lots of camera card content, here are the links

link 1

link 2


  1. Interesting as always thanks. But, why on earth would one ever need to 'transfer pictures to a phone'?

  2. Ah Scribble, I will post in more detail about this, but basically so I can get the pictures form the camera to the blog post.


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