Thursday, 8 November 2018

Old Thanet photos and some today of Ramsgate Deal and Dover

 Early Royal Victoria Pavilion Ramsgate one here postmarked 1907 just four years after it was built

 Postmarked 1910 and a personal reminder to check the area around the sailor's church Smack Boys Home and newly constructed brick arches
 I know that at this time different ink colours signified different things, the only one I can remember being green which signified rudeness, what red meant is something I have forgotton.

Deal and Dover today, starting with a pot of tea and a cheese ant tomato sarni in the King’s Coffee Shop rounded off with a lump of chocolate cake.
Then on to the main reason for us going there today, the guitar shop – Mark 1 Music on our quest for a narrow neck nylon string acoustic guitar. This is a much more difficult quest than it sounds. Sexist actually I think as women tend to have small hands and play nylon strung guitars.

On to Oxfam Bookshop where we got some Sven Hassel books which we are usually short of.

On to Dover, partly to have a look at the new shopping centre, partly to take some pictures of the Dover architecture which is just amazing and partly to buy a secondhand swivel chair.

Finally this evening a short walk in the dark with the intention of trying to work our how well the Nikon P610 performs against my dslr in the dark and with hand held shots.

Links next

Link 1 the books we put out in the bookshop yesterday

Link 2 is some general shots around Deal including various attempts to capture Ramsgate behind Deal pier

Link 3 is Mark 1 Music, only one Taylor Guitar, which is one of the makes we are considering and this was a 12 string steel strung, not the 6 string nylon we are looking for, so the quest goes on. That said a nice music shop and well worth a visit, friendly and helpful staff.

Link 4 - Dont Walk - Walk - Gallery, a very good sign was the gallery attendant telling the customer to bring his bicycle in to the gallery, this is what I tell people in my role as shop assistant in the bookshop to do. You can't enjoy looking at pictures or browsing books if you are worried something nasty is going to happen to you bicycle...

Once again another reason to visit Deal

Link 5 a few more shots around Deal

On to Dover
With white smoke coming out of two chimneys on the side of the church in Dover it would seem they have chosen new popes

Link 6 and Link 7 Just snaps around Dover

Link 8 is the night shots taken with the Nikon P610

Link 9 and Link 10 are the wide angle shots I took the other night with a DSLR (don't ask about the lens) the other night for, well not exactly comparison.

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