Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Should I become a vlogger and other issues

Playing about with new toy aka learning the characteristics of an new camera to better enhance everyone's blog reading experience it does occur to me that I ought to do something about the basic business of taking photos and then putting them on the internet in different ways, so that people can wosisname them.

Nowadays you don't really have to be a photographer to produce some pretty decent photos. For most people when they bought their mobile phone it came with a good camera, much better than digital cameras were when I first started putting local pictures on the internet.

 also learning how to copy photos with it in poor light
 I think this one must be a drawn over photo

Of course Murphy's law means the most interesting photo the original is blurred

Today's Ramsgate photos the first of the clocks at the top of the post was done at 2 megapixels and published as a strip to my website in the the usual way

Here is the link to the photos

The next lot (second cl0ck at top) were done setting the camera on 16 megapixels and published to Google photos as full sized files. I guess you would need to download them to get the full size

This is the link to the photos

One of the things I wanted to know was that the zoom used all of the 16 megapixel power of the camera when it's set on 2 megapixels. I think it does.

Yesterday's comment along the lines of why would anyone want to copy the pictures on their camera onto their phone, well it suggests that we still have people where the old technology run away from them.

I think the bottom line here is that once you have put the pictures on you phone, provided you have the photos app on your phone then all of you precious photos aka memories will be safely stored in a bunker in america, meaning that if your camera gets stolen, you haven't lost them.

One aspect of this is that I can upload the photos to the internet, using my phone, while having my lunch in the Pavilion and painting a picture. This enables me to share the photos with people so they can say things like that one's a bit blurry.

Come on though, make sure that your smartphone is reasonably up to date, will go on the internet and you know how to use the basics, watch TV, listen to the radio, have the music you like stored on it so you can listen to it when you have no signal, can use the messaging services, Skype, Whatsapp, Messenger, have pictures of critical documents on it.

Anyway at the moment I am considering doing some vlogging as I don't think a lot of people can be bothered to read my posts. Anyone got any thoughts on this? 

Very glad to the The Magic Toyshop back in the bookshop, the not exactly feminist fiction, but the quality literature written by women is selling as fast as I can source it at the moment and this Angela Carter, at the soft end of magic realism is one of my favourites.

Here is the link to the books we put out today 


  1. With regard to you venturing out & joining the 'vlogging' folk, maybe if you good find some old footage of Ramsgate & the other Thanet towns and try recreating your vid' in as close to the same location as the original and adding your historical knowledge to them. Just a thought Michael. Good Luck anyway. P.S. I for one, enjoy reading your 'blog' even though I may not always comment on them.

  2. Thanks for update re pics from camera to phone. As for vids in blogs I treat 'em the same way as music being embedded - just ignore them and hope they go away like other pesky irritations. Words are my thing and I've enjoyed yours for several years now [since before WestCliff Richard and Simon Moores had their collars felt for political blogging and chickened out. Shame.


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