Sunday, 14 April 2019

Photos of Broadstairs in the 1960s, various Margate and Ramsgate photos, painting in Canterbury with a full sheet of paper

Today was mostly about painting with huge sheet of paper in Canterbury.

What I did was take this plastic quiver that is supposed to take watercolour paper and went to Cowling and Wilcox the art shop where I managed to buy a thin sheet of the hard paper I've been using.

The next stage of course was trying to get it into the tube, the artificial insemination of an elephant comes to mind.

So yes basically it seems to be working. I think the main thing is the support of the paper. I overcame this by using my A3 sketchbook folded out A2 and it works fairly well.

Anyway the photos should tell story.

The main thrust again is Broadstairs on the blog and one of the funny thing is that I keep linking Broadstairs posts to the main Broadstairs Facebook group but they don't seem to be appearing there something strange about it?

 As I mentioned before I used to be sort of mechanic before I became a shop assistant.

This means that where you to ask me that question about physics the answer would be fairly informed at least to the point where I would know what I don't know.

I would for example be reasonably ok answering questions related to electronics but completely hopeless and answering questions related to heat transfer.

When I'm writing about the relationship between history and human behavioural characteristics. History is a subject that I took up very recently and nearly all of that was local history. I would say best way to take this would be with a pinch of salt, my knowledge of prehistoric history, is something of a joke.

So here goes the unformed idea.

I think from about 4 million years ago, up until the time we started farming probably about 12000 years ago. Most of the food would have been gathered.

Being sexist, most of the Hunter gathering would be done by women in groups, I think the men would mostly have been engaged in discussing hunting and most of this would have been done over soft drinks.

So there you have the men sitting around talking about half that happened 50 years ago and how much better the game was in the old days.

I think the gathering provided most of the food, hunting provided the occasional period of parties celebrations everything that goes with having far too much to eat for a very short period of time and no refrigerator.

Perhaps the gathering has now been replaced by shopping and the hunting now being replaced by sitting around in a cafe saying how much better things used to be.

It's a funny thing though, in the bookshop things are often reversed. There is often a man who is trying find his book about trains, planes, tools for his shed, while there is a woman saying something along the lines of. ‘What about this book on aeroplanes don't you think it's a lovely?’

Well to be honest an awful lot of this is resolved because of the local history even if the book collectors partner doesn't seem to be interested in books, they can certainly look at the pictures old Thanet.

I am pretty sure that most people don’t actually read the writing in these posts and this was an experimental post using a voice to text app. 

So painting with a very big sheet of paper the main snag is horizontals and verticals where the edge of the paper so far away. I think some horizontal and vertical pencil lines may be the answer.

 So here is a photo of what I was trying to paint.
And here is what came out in the middle of a a very large sheet of paper. Obviously it would have been much easier to paint from a photo. On the other hand, four fingers and a thumb.

Link to today's photos

Apropos of not very much I am wondering about modifying the bookshop to fulfil hunter gatherer tendencies, any ideas?

Link to books we put out yesterday

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