Monday, 17 June 2019

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 Some more postcards - off a heap, this means probably ones I have used before, although copied with the camera which in some cases produces something better than the scanner.

I took a few photos this evening and they should all be on my camera card along with the photos of the postcards. The one above was the only one that came out roughly how i wanted it.

here is the link to the pictures on the card
I have mostly been making bookcases in the bookshop today, replacing the last of the old bookshop shopfittings with ordinary wooden bookcases, which work better for us.

this is the link to the photos of the books we put out today 
 Hopefully by later in the week I will have moved the poetry section to the front of the shop and perhaps the reference section too. Our main competitor is the internet, both in the sense of the way free information comes and goes and the big online booksellers like Amazon.

Rest of the ramble will be at the bottom of the post

One of my interests is art and at the moment Leonardo and the other renascence artists, an interesting time.
The changing view then can be expressed in various quotations this is 1190

and this 1486.

The impact of the internet on the way one studies this type of thing, a balance between books, yotube running in firefox set in desktop mode on one's phone so one can use other applications. University lecture and books basically seems to be a way to go.

Off to the sundeck of the Pav for the height to snap the sunset - no card in camera- grr my cheap phone

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