Saturday, 5 January 2019

"Ferry interesting but stupid." old Thanet Photos and painting in Spoons

Back in the day when we had the guesthouse in Ramsgate we often travelled to the continent France or Belgium using the Sally Line and before that the hovercraft, I think the last time I travelled from Ramsgate was on the hydrofoil.

Towards the end of all of this, during the Sally period we used to look out for the cheap, take your car and all of the passengers for £5 offers, load up the duty free with he best of them. I knew the writing was on the wall when we got a cheap sailing from Dover and the improvements to the road infrastructure on both sides meant that it took less time to drive from Ramsgate to Ostend via the Port of Dover than via the port of Ramsgate.

At the moment someone is paying for pressure dredging of Port Ramsgate, the idea of this is to stir up the sand and mud during the period the tide is going out, in the hope that some of it will go out of the port and that it won't wind up anywhere where it causes as much or more trouble than it is in Port Ramsgate.

Back in the day when we had Hovercraft leaving from the hover pad in Ramsgate Harbour, strippers in the significant tourist bars and political correctness wasn't even a blip on the horizon I worked as a sort of mechanic during the day, and behind the bars that I would have been in front of any way in the evening.

So first the question that a sort of mechanic would ask. "Is this stirring up of the mud and sand on the falling tides at Port Ramsgate going to go on until till 11pm on 29th March?" If not, haven't they started a bit too soon?

Of course as a Thanet council taxpayer, "Who is paying the dredgerman?" or in these enlightened times possibly it's dredgerwoman, dredgerperson although barstewards in the 60s and 70 would have had no doubt about where the money went in the case of counterfeit Chippendales compared to a counterfeit Candy Barr.

Will any ferries using Port Ramsgate be compliant with the current emissions legislation? I seem to remember these are much stricter for ferries new to the port than existing ones.

Of course politics wise it's just a series of spats which mostly seem to be about the position people hold rather than what would be best for the UK nothing new there.


I skived off to Wetherspoons aka The Royal Victoria Pavilion Ramsgate, so camera photos there and there and back here is the link to them camera wise Canon S3 IS came out in 2006 so a 13 year old digital antique with some interesting results, nothing like so good on zoom as my Nikon P610 which dates from 2015. 

I did a bit of painting inside the Pav aka Spoons

Spot the difference if you can

I made a wosisname with my phone, I am trying to stop this sort of thing but probably need some sort of aversion therapy.

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