Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Old Thanet photos and a bad phone day

sorry about the strange blue writing in the background I lent the postcards against the computer screen to photograph them  and didn't notice the adds on the screen.

Woke up in the morning and the sd card was not there.

Well of course it was but the the phone thought it wasn't, so fiddled with the card and eventually discovered it was corrupt.

I took the card out had to reset my phone and start again. For the most part with an Android phone that has had Google backup on it this isn't too bad. It's just a case of reading the instructions carefully when it starts up. You only really need the wifi code, your gmail address and password, the phone's number to activate WhatsApp and nearly everything comes back.

The biggest pain is the Google Photos App and that is only if you have a lot of photos, as far as I can see it isn't until it has downloaded your photos to your phone, you can't use it to automatically upload to the cloud.

BBC I player and I player Radio have to be signed on "do you have a licence" and all the podcasts that I listen to when shopping with no signal have to be downloaded again, so does my music.

Work wise in the bookshop I have been checking the prices of our inland waterways books and have finally got to  checking the prices of the craft books.

Although the ordinary working of the bookshop goes on while I am doing this

Here is the link to the pictures of the books that got priced and put out for sale today

The idea with what I am doing, dealing with the books I bought that didn't sell is to either reduce the price and get rid of them that way or with the more expensive ones to put them on Amazon, sell them and buy some different books that my customers haven't browsed.

The problem with putting it on Amazon is something like this. Take a secondhand book that would cost you the customer £15 on Amazon roughly on Amazon at £12 + £3 postage, after fees and paying to post it I would probably get something between £9.50 and £10.

With say canal books, the average one about an individual canal sells for around £10 to £20 online, titles like "The Grand Union Canal" with pretty much all of the ones with titles like the "Canals of England" selling for under £3 online.

And well to be honest they don't sell very quickly, but in the sense of the customer who asks "Where's your canal books?" If we sold them off we would only have to buy them again.

After far too long chewing over this sort of problem and examining piles of canal books, I realise it was nearly dark. I went for a walk anyway and took a few photos
Like any boy with a toy I twiddled the knobs
and took the same photo on different settings.

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