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Just seen the news of Simon Moores death and put some links at the bottom of the post Ramsgate Wherry Beeching Moses & Co Boatyard in Ramsgate, a few Ramsgate Harbour oddities and a bit of sketching at Quex Barn

 Starting with Beeching Moses & Co Boatyard in Ramsgate in the early 1900s

A detail from the 1872 map of Ramsgate, the whole map is on the wall in Michael's Bookshop, King Street here in Ramsgate and when I get a bit of spare time I will publish it online. Although you can buy a copy in the shop, we don't post it out as buying a big enough cardboard tube and paying the post on that would be too expensive.

 This plate came from the wherry down the harbour that belonged to Bill Snatcher - Hall who had the fish shop on King Street.

I resisted the temptation to call this post "Wherry Interesting But Stupid." My grownup is looking after me.

Pretty sure this one in Ramsgate Maritime Museum is a wherry.

Michael Cates says Michael, the wherry you photographed in the Maritime Museum is "Queen Mab" built c.1882 for Tom Cooper, with reward money from the Indian Chief rescue. It was later owned by his son Tom who was at one time coxswain of Prudential, and finally by Dennis Cooper. It is believed to be the last surviving Ramsgate wherry. Most were lost at Dunkirk but - acording to the legend that was handed down - "Queen Mab" was a very special boat built from the highest quality materials and was carvel built rather than the more usual clinker construction. She was hidden from the Naval parties commandeering boats - so the story goes

This shows the situation in the late 1800s before the inner basin was made smaller to accommodate the road

Another detail from the 1872 map, showing the situation at the harbour end of York Street.

 I think the caption on this one should read at least pre 1939
Smack Boys Home on the left of picture

 Back in the day people got paid for doing this.
 The structures in the middle of the picture were for mooring the MGBs attached to HMS Fervent aka Pleasurama
 A couple more pre 1900, note the rower on the Granville hasn't been shortened and the Royal Albion Hotel is where Pizza Express aka National Westminster Bank and Madeira Walk are now.

I looked out of the window this morning, retreated under the covers with my smartphone and watched the news, decided the day was cancelled, due to lack of interest. My understanding was that having reached a significant age I would need less sleep, January however seems to bring out the teenager in me when it comes to getting up.

Eventually decided to go to Herne Bay and buy some books, then went onto Quex Barn for a bacon sarni because the news had said bacon is now considered to be bad for you and I needed to check this information out.
Quex Barn really understand the meaning of a bacon sarni and named tea, P.G. Tips at Quex Barn. I couldn't face English Breakfast mined from the European Tea Mountain. I really prefer the stuff mined in Yorkshire but P. G. Tips is OK. One day I will go somewhere and be able to select from named teas.

I started a watercolour but the light went

The view has changed from this

to this, preferred the old barn with the wonky roof , surprised they were allowed to knock it down and build the new one with the corrugated 

Link to the rest of the photos

Bit of a mixture went out on the shelves in the bookshop yesterday

Here is the link to the photos 

Bombs to broomsticks?

Sad to hear the news of Simon Moores death. Well known blogger for a while.

Here is the link to his blog

More recently active on Twitter

Here is the link to his tweets

Report Isle of Thanet News

Here is the link to the article

Handout image issued by Basque Police of rescuers attending the scene of a small aircraft crash on the Hernio mountain in northern Spain

Basque Police of rescuers attending the scene of a small aircraft crash on the Hernio mountain in northern Spain

Link to EFA article

A bit more info auto translated from Spanish sites

Errezil (Gipuzkoa), Jan 10 (EFE) .- The two people killed yesterday when the plane crashed in which they were traveling against Mount Ernio (Gipuzkoa) are two men, apparently of British nationality, an end that has not yet been It is completely confirmed by those responsible for the investigation of this accident.

This was indicated by Iñaki López Etxezarreta, the emergency technician of the Basque Government who has coordinated the work of recovery of both bodies, who has appeared this afternoon at the press at the foot of Mount Ernio, 1,075 meters above sea level.

As he recalled, the incident took place at 1:10 pm when the aircraft, model Piper, hit a slope located about 975 meters from the summit, a place where yesterday there was a thick fog that during this morning has also made difficult the work of rescue.

The technician explained that the crash of the plane against the ground took place in a stone area with a drop of about 50 degrees, which has been an "impact zone" in which the two bodies have been located, the first of them in the afternoon of yesterday and the second today in the morning.

"It is a complex area, almost at the first point of the cordal, which is quite complicated," Lopez Etxezarreta has described, who has revealed that his orographic "difficulty" has even prevented "many technicians" from climbing to the scene of the accident.

The plane had left yesterday morning from the Portuguese airport of Cascais to Hondarribia (Gipuzkoa) and when the incident took place it was flying over Errezil, a small town in the interior of the territory located about 40 kilometers from San Sebastián.

After having knowledge of the incident, the Ertzaintza, the Firemen and the Basque Institute of Legal Medicine went to the site, a device that found the mortal remains of the first crewmember before nightfall.

The lack of light forced to suspend the search tasks of the second, which, due to the rugged terrain and the lack of visibility, could not be found until this morning, about two hours after the restart of the search, despite the fact that He was in the same area as the impact of the accident.

At this moment, the investigation work of the event continues in this area, in which, in the videos broadcasted by the Basque Department of Security, different parts of the plane scattered around the place are appreciated, some of them burned

López Etxezarreta has insisted that the reasons for the accident are still unknown and that it has been advanced that clarifying these circumstances will correspond to the Civil Aviation Accident Investigation Commission, under the Ministry of Public Works.

However, he pointed out that, before deciding what to do with the remains of the plane, it will be necessary to "strengthen" it because it is located in an "unstable" area.

At the same time, members of the Legal Medicine Institute of the Basque Country and the Ertzaintza Scientific Police are still investigating the place to make an attestation, after which the bodies will be lifted when deemed appropriate by the corresponding judicial authority. EFE

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